# Requiem Lua

# Lua in Requiem

# What is a lua in RE

This is an addition to the menu, which are created by users themselves, they can be both safe and very risky to use, so when using lua scripts you are responsible for the ban yourself and no one else

# Lua Scripts

# Available Lua scripts can be found on the website.

# Enhanced Outfit Store

Author YourDevil54
WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/105-enhanced-outfit-store/
Risky Low Risk.
Info Lua script for customizing outfits and saving them in the game, stable.

# WorldEdit

WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/121-worldedit/
Risky Low Risk.
Info Lua script is designed to edit everything in the GTA world and load XML, stable.

# Chat Сommands

WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/114-chat-commands/
Risky Low Risk.
Info Lua script so that other players can do something with your help, stable.

# Vehicle Options

Author DaRuskiKhat
WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/116-vehicle-options/
Risky Low Risk.
Info Lua script is designed for versatile car configuration, stable.

# Crate Cargo

Author Swaadfish
WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/118-crate-cargo/
Risky Very Risky!
Info Lua script for recovery, stable.

# Skip Prologue

Author Swaadfish
WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/117-skip-prologue/
Risky Low Risk.
Info Lua script to skip prologue, stable.

# lao da

WebSite link https://w1tch.net/files/file/115-lao-da/
Risky Very Risky!
Info Lua script is designed for different things, not stable.

# Encrypt

RE also supports Lua script encryption, which will protect your Lua code and all the necessary files for your Lua.

  1. Download this file
    LuaEncrypt.exe 4.08MB
  2. Open it and you will see the console
  3. Move the file you need to the console (only in Lua format)
  4. A file will be generated with the addition of _encrypted to the name