# Self

# No Clip Settings

No Clip

Description Gain the ability to move through solid objects, walls, and terrain effortlessly.
Hotkeys W > Forward, S > Backward, A > Left, D > Right, Space > Up, LCtrl > Down

No Clip Speed

Description Allows users to customize movement speed while utilizing "No Clip" for rapid exploration.

# Invicibility Settings (Proofs)

Enable All

Description Activate invincibility across all specified categories simultaneously.

Disable All

Description Deactivate invincibility across all specified categories.


Description Render the player impervious to bullet damage.


Description Grant immunity to collisions with environmental objects.


Description Protect the player from explosive damage.


Description Make the player impervious to drowning.


Description Provide resistance to fire damage.


Description Immunize the player against melee attacks.


Description Grant immunity to steam-related damage.


Description Make the player impervious to water-related damage.

# Main Player Options

God Mode

Description Enable invincibility for the main player character.

Super Run

Description Activate a faster-than-normal running speed.

Auto Clean

Description Automatically clean the player character from dirt and blood.


Description Render the main player character invisible.

Super Jump

Description Enable an exceptionally high and powerful jump.

Mobile Radio

Description Carry and use the radio while on the move.

No Ragdoll

Description Prevent the main player character from going into a limp, ragdoll state.


Description Combine God Mode, Super Run, and Super Jump for a superhuman experience.
Hotkeys W > Decrease Altitude, S > Gain Altitude, A > Turn Left, D > Turn Right, Space > Up, LShift > Fly Forward (Speed Up), LCtrl > Slow Down

Instant Respawn

Description Skip the normal respawn time and instantly return to the action.

Infinite Stamina

Description Remove stamina limitations for continuous physical activities.

Ignore Water

Description Move through water without hindrance or slowdown.

Night Vision

Description Enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Infinite Oxygen

Description undescribed.

No Collision

Description undescribed.

Thermal Vision

Description undescribed.

Restore Health

Description Instantly replenish the main player character's health.

Restock Inventory

Description Refill the main player character's inventory with essential items.

Clean Player

Description Remove dirt and blood from the player character's appearance.

Restock Ammo

Description Replenish ammunition for all equipped weapons.


Description Trigger the player character's immediate demise.

# Wanted Options

Never Wanted

Description Maintain a perpetual state of zero wanted level.

Clear Wanted Level

Description Instantly eliminate the current wanted level.

Force Wanted Level

Description Manually set a desired wanted level.

Wanted Level

Description Establish a specific wanted level for increased difficulty or chaos.