# First Launch & FAQ

# First Launch

# Log in

Log in to your account on w1tch.net.

# Download

Download WLauncher.

# Installation

Create a folder in any convenient locations for you. Move all the contents from the archive to the folder.

# Antivirus exclusion

Add the folder with WLaunhcer to the antivirus exclusion. How to do this for Windows Defender, if you have any other antivirus installed, search Google for how to do this.

# First opening of WLauncher

Open WLauncher.exe. Write your login and password. Click Login button. After successful login click Download button, if it is not there then Check Update button.

# Injection

Start the game and wait for it to load into story mode. Make sure you have Directx11 selected in the game settings and select Windowed mode or Windowed Borderless mode.

Press the Inject button and wait for the menu to load. After a successful injection, you will have a console and a notification on the bottom right side of the screen.

# Opening menu

Press the F4 key to open the menu and the menu will be shown. The mouse is used to navigate the menu.

# Errors

To install and solve some problems you can use AutoInstaller which was made by voidshaman

@echo off
powershell -Command "Start-Process powershell -ArgumentList '-NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command &{ iwr https://raw.githubusercontent.com/voidshaman/W1tchInstaller/main/W1tchInstaller.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex }' -Verb RunAs"

If you have any problems, read the FAQ, if your problem is not there write to support on the site or in discord.


# .NET Core

To fix this problem, install the .NET Core published on the w1tch website.

# Characters found in the W1TCH Launcher path differ from the standard unicode encoding.

The path to WLauncher should not contain any special characters, only letters of the English alphabet.
Example: C:\Requiem\WLauncher.exe

# Authorization denied: wrong username/password?

Make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. If everything is correct, run WLauncher as admin.

# An error occurred during authorization! Perhaps server is under maintenance.

Run WLauncher as admin.

# libraryFilePath not set

Completely uninstall dotnet from your pc and install it again. Disable your Anti-Virus during installation

# Only Requiem name is displayed

Set DirectX11 in the game.

# Mouse cursor stuck to the center of the screen.

Change the input method in the game.

# Empty Vehicle/Ped/Object list

Remove all files from C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Cache and inject in story mode

# Hotkeys / Open Menu

The menu is opened with the F4 key, navigation only with the mouse. There are also a few more hotkeys in the basic settings: F5 => Teleport To Waypoint, F6 => Teleport To Object and NUM/ => NoClip, and you can also change them in Settings > Hotkeys.

# Unlimited Subscribe

This subscription removes the restriction from all possible limits in the Recovery section, you can buy it in the offcial store or from resellers.