# Main problems that may arise

# .NET Core

To fix this problem, install the .NET Core published on the w1tch website.

# Characters found in the W1TCH Launcher path differ from the standard unicode encoding.

The path to WLauncher should not contain any special characters, only letters of the English alphabet.
Example: C:\Requiem\WLauncher.exe

# Authorization denied: wrong username/password?

Make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. If everything is correct, run WLauncher as admin.

# An error occurred during authorization! Perhaps server is under maintenance.

Run WLauncher as admin.

# libraryFilePath not set

Completely uninstall dotnet from your pc and install it again. Disable your Anti-Virus during installation

# Only Requiem name is displayed

Set DirectX11 in the game.

# Mouse cursor stuck to the center of the screen.

Change the input method in the game.

# Empty Vehicle/Ped/Object list

Remove all files from C:\ProgramData\Requiem\Data\Cache and inject in story mode

# Hotkeys / Open Menu

The menu is opened with the F4 key, navigation only with the mouse. There are also a few more hotkeys in the basic settings: F5 => Teleport To Waypoint, F6 => Teleport To Object and NUM/ => NoClip, and you can also change them in Settings > Hotkeys.

# Unlimited Subscribe

This subscription removes the restriction from all possible limits in the Recovery section, you can buy it in the offcial store or from resellers.